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2018 Olympics – Medals per capita (thus far)

  [Update 20180224: updated per capita, plus a graph showing “Total Points”, where Gold gives 3p, Silver 2p, Bronze 1p] Advertisements

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Performance improvements in sports over the years-Technology, Gene Pool, Mindset

Have you ever wondered why records in most seconds/meters/kilos-sports keep improving, David Epstein, author of “The Sports Gene“, explains why:thanks to changes in technology, gene pool and mindset.

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Predicting “game intelligence” by scientific measurement

I found this very recent study done at Karolinska Institute, aiming at predicting “game intelligence”, i.e. the ability to quickly understand a complex situation, adapt and execute a successful response to the situation, very interesting, not only in context of … Continue reading

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Leadership versus management – world of sports vs world of business

 I’m quite involved since many years in coaching a number of 15-20+ year olds in sail racing, at fairly  advanced  levels. Because of this role, as well as due to my own background in my youth as a practitioner of different sports (in … Continue reading

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