Är målet att ruinera människors immunförsvar? – anthropocene

I över 25 år har jag följt utvecklingen inom det medicinska vetenskapsområdet och agerandet från det oerhört mäktiga medicinindustriella komplexet med de stora läkemedelsföretagen i centrum. Jag har säkert tagit del av uppåt hundratusen vetenskapliga artiklar av den typ som finns publicerade på PubMed. En stor del av dem har jag studerat ingående. Jag har…
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sweden wins again – by el gato malo – bad cattitude

the all cause deaths data is in for the 2020-21 flu year
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SWEDEN – seasonal mortality & excess deaths, flu season’s 2015/16 – 2020/21, Final

This post compares Swedish all cause mortality for the seasons 2015/16 to 2020/21.

A season is defined as the period from October to September.

Why use seasons asop to calendar year ? Because flu is seasonal, as is all cause mortality, at least at our latitudes.

As of yesterday, SCB’s prel. all cause death data for September 2021 can be considered stable (why…? check this post, section “Can we trust the preliminary data”). Thus, we now have six complete seasons to look at.

So, let’s have a look at all cause mortality, deaths and excess deaths for the six seasons, starting from October 2015 ending last of September, 2021.

First, non-age adjusted all cause mortality:

seasonal non-age-adj. mortality

Next, let’s peruse the age group [-64, 65-79, 80-89, 90+] based population and death data, and define Expected Deaths based on the average mortality per age group, seasons 15/16 to 18/19, and Excess deaths as the difference between Observed (actual) age group deaths and Expected Deaths:

seasonal age group based expected vs observed deaths

There’s one “anomaly” on these charts, and neither 2020 nor 2021, the “Pandemic Years”, are part of that anomaly. “Sweden – The World’s Cautionary Tale”….? Judge for yourself.

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Unherd Interview with Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s Chief Public Health Officer

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A reflection on covid mania – Sebastian Rushworth M.D.

In this article I reflect on developments during the last few months in the insane place that is covid world.
— Read on sebastianrushworth.com/2021/09/23/a-reflection-on-covid-mania/

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Causal Inference

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Why Does No One Ever Talk About Sweden Anymore? – by IM – Unmasked

Very weird, isn’t it?
— Read on ianmsc.substack.com/p/why-does-no-one-ever-talk-about-sweden

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The Elephants In The Room – PANDA

It turns out Sweden was a country to emulate, not to disparage. It turns out that you don’t need to vaccinate the population to control COVID-19; you just need to do what centuries of science told us to do.
— Read on www.pandata.org/elephants-in-the-room/

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the vaccinated superspread hypothesis – by el gato malo – bad cattitude

i want to stress, this is a hypothesis and a work in progress. it’s just the best fit to the facts i can find right now and i REALLY hope it’s wrong because if it’s right, this vaccination campaign is probably the worst health blunder in human history and the epidemiology and politics of that will get stunningly, surreally bad.
— Read on boriquagato.substack.com/p/the-vaccinated-superspread-hypothesis

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SWEDEN – one month to go of 20/21 Flu Season : all cause expected vs. observed deaths, Seasons 15/16 – 20/21 to date

Age group based all cause seasonal deaths. Season defined as Oct-Sep.

Will season 20/21 end up with Excess Deaths….?

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