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Siemens lays off 15,000—this is what happens when you put a CFO in charge

No surprises here… Yet another Empty Suit solely focusing on short term shareholder value.

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World income inequality

Most of you reading this blog are doing better financially than 93% of the world’s population…

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NSA survaillance a’ la Simpsons :-)

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IQ : Abstraction, logical deduction + hypothetical reasoning

The ability to think in abtractions, to classify/categorize, and to conduct “what-if”-scenarios (hypothetical reasoning) , plus a healthy dosis of logical reasoning is key to “Intelligence”, according to James Flynn. I agree with that, but would also include “pattern recognition” … Continue reading

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Trust or Trustworthiness ?

Excellent talk by Baroness Onora O’Neill on the topic of trust and trustworthiness. When building a relationship with someone or some organization, you should look for three attributes to determine the level of trust you want to place in that … Continue reading

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To change a deterministic,badly behaving (evil) System, you need to act from outside the system

Professor Peter Ludlow of Northwestern University wrore a brilliant piece in NYT’s Opinion pages on the moral and ethics of whistleblowing, examplified by e.g. Manning and Snowden. A lot of people have argued that by blowing their whistles, Manning and … Continue reading

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NSA surveillance timeline since 9/11

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Why big organisations can’t innovate nor be creative

A brilliant article by Harvard Business School’s Maxwell Wessel on why large organisations can’t innovate, nor be creative. A few quotes: A start-up’s success is not gauged by earnings or quarterly reports; it’s measured by how well it identifies a … Continue reading

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Complexity, Chaos, Organization, Creativity & Innovation: Alan Turing & Benoit Mandelbrot

In this link, there’s a fantastic BBC documentary with Professor Al-Kahlili of University of Surrey, explaining how simple equations and feedback loops lead to the complex and self organizing life forms we are surrended by in our daily lives. Complex … Continue reading

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Four Horsemen

Finally, a freely available version of this award winning documentary on the state of the modern world.

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