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IQ : Abstraction, logical deduction + hypothetical reasoning

The ability to think in abtractions, to classify/categorize, and to conduct “what-if”-scenarios (hypothetical reasoning) , plus a healthy dosis of logical reasoning is key to “Intelligence”, according to James Flynn. I agree with that, but would also include “pattern recognition” … Continue reading

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Trust or Trustworthiness ?

Excellent talk by Baroness Onora O’Neill on the topic of trust and trustworthiness. When building a relationship with someone or some organization, you should look for three attributes to determine the level of trust you want to place in that … Continue reading

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To change a deterministic,badly behaving (evil) System, you need to act from outside the system

Professor Peter Ludlow of Northwestern University wrore a brilliant piece in NYT’s Opinion pages on the moral and ethics of whistleblowing, examplified by e.g. Manning and Snowden. A lot of people have argued that by blowing their whistles, Manning and … Continue reading

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NSA surveillance timeline since 9/11

NSA surveillance timeline since 9/11

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Why big organisations can’t innovate nor be creative

A brilliant article by Harvard Business School’s Maxwell Wessel on why large organisations can’t innovate, nor be creative. A few quotes: A start-up’s success is not gauged by earnings or quarterly reports; it’s measured by how well it identifies a … Continue reading

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Complexity, Chaos, Organization, Creativity & Innovation: Alan Turing & Benoit Mandelbrot

In this link, there’s a fantastic BBC documentary with Professor Al-Kahlili of University of Surrey, explaining how simple equations and feedback loops lead to the complex and self organizing life forms we are surrended by in our daily lives. Complex … Continue reading

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Four Horsemen

Finally, a freely available version of this award winning documentary on the state of the modern world.

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Systematic failure despite “perfect” systems

As my frequent readers know, I’m a keen sailor, and spend quite a lot of time at sea, in various types of vessels, ranging from high performance dinghies over yachts  to cruise ships.  I’ve also got a Maritime Deck Officer … Continue reading

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Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate, professor of economics at Columbia University, on modern America

Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate, professor of economics at Columbia University, on modern America

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Evolution of viruses, malware, spyware – a personal perspective

After reading this very well written article on how to protect yourself against government (and other malicious parties’) evesdropping on your electronic communications, it struck me that it’s amazing how the world has changed in the past 30 years when … Continue reading

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