Capturing NMEA sentences over WiFi using Python

In order to figure out how the NMEA-WiFi Gateway deals with clients, e.g. if it expects any “handshake” or any other communication setup protocol, I decided to write a simulator mimicing the gateway, and then using iRegatta 2 from Zifago to verify that it can read the simulated NMEA messages sent by my “soft” gateway.

So, in the video above, my laptop (on the right) is pretending to be the NMEA-WiFi gateway, constantly broadcasting UDP packages containing NMEA sentences onto the network, and on the left my iPad running iRegatta 2 is collecting them and displaying the information obtained from the sentences.

With the communication between the Gateway and its clients now figured out, I’m able to collect full race data, including multiday races, from all the instruments onboard onto my laptop for after race “post mortem” race performance analysis.

About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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