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Slide Rule – the analog computer explained

I guess those of you younger than 50 don’t even know what a slide rule is… 🙂 Briefly: slide rules were the palm computers of the day for us 60+, until Casio, HP and other came out with the first … Continue reading

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Zero Knowledge proof presented at 5 different levels

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Navier-Stokes equation: Four mathematicians demonstrate it is impossible to predict where 29.000 rubber ducks in the sea will wash up | USA | EL PAÍS in English

Spanish research has provided insight into the Navier-Stokes equations governing the behavior of fluids — Read on

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Fractal Dimensions – A brilliant tutorial

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More Mindbending Probability

In a previous post, I discussed the seemingly unintuitive logic of the famous Monty Hall Problem. However, with some careful thinking, even without resorting to Monte Carlo Simulation, I’m able to make sense of that apparent paradox. However, the paradox … Continue reading

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What is multiplication…..?

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Bayes rule illustrated by a table

I just found this excellent illustration of Bayes Rule, in a book “Bayes’ Rule with Python, by James V. Stone, and thought I’d share it here, as a follow-up to earlier posts on Bayes rule, e.g. this one. Assume we … Continue reading

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MCMC “Internals” – fitting the data

Lately, I’ve been puzzling over how exactly MCMC fits the data of the likelihood, that is, how exactly is that fitting done by the various tools implementing MCMC. So, this post is maily about MCMC Internals, not about how to … Continue reading

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Bayes Rule for Poets and other Mathematical Virgins* :-)

[ * The title alludes to a book titled “Higher Mathematics for Poets & other Mathematical Virgins” by Tönis Tönisson, a book that for many many moons ago got me to appreciate mathematics in depth] If you are anything like … Continue reading

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Understanding Exponential Growth

  Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Levitt explains exponential growth in context of the Corona pandemic.  

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