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Cold water skills

Here’s What You Need to Know: Cold Water Kills

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Ugly soup with Python, requests & Beautiful Soup

Web scraping has never been a coveted nor favorite discipline of mine; in fact, for me web scraping is an unfortunate, but sometimes necessary evil. Scraping web-pages, at least for me, is a very unstructured process, basically pure Trial & … Continue reading

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Val2018 – partiernas topp-50 valdistrikt i Stockholms kommun

[Och top-bottom-50 finns här]

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Professor Kernighan on Unix

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Poor Man’s Climate Change Exploration, part II

In a previous post, we looked at daily temperature readings 1949-2018 from an observation spot in Stockholm archipelago, and noticed a very clear increasing trend. Here, we’ll look at the same spot & same period, but instead of temperature, we’ll … Continue reading

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Scientific Gambling: Increasing your investment by factor 100 in 10 weeks

with a bit of skill, domain knowledge and not least guts, it’s fully possible to double, triple or increase initial stake by ecen larger factor, in just a few weeks. Of course, as always in any investment, these is a … Continue reading

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Gambling – moving odds simulation

Ever thought about how bookies set the odds for events…?  The problem at hand for a bookie is to set the odds in such a way that he makes a profit, regardless of what outcome the event has. The way … Continue reading

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Setting moving odds

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ÅF Offshore Race – S/Y Singdoy WP ETA Prediction

LAT LON COG DIST LEGTIME CUMDIST TOT_TIME TIMEDELTA 0 59.32 18.09 0 nan nan nan nan NaT 1 59.32 18.11 103 0.84 0.12 0.84 0.12 0 days 00:07:14.260800 2 59.32 18.16 83 1.45 0.21 2.30 0.33 0 days 00:19:41.160000 3 … Continue reading

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New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Learning | Quanta Magazine

A new idea is helping to explain the puzzling success of today’s artificial-intelligence algorithms — and might also explain how human brains learn. — Läs på

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