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ÅF Offshore Race – S/Y Singdoy WP ETA Prediction

LAT LON COG DIST LEGTIME CUMDIST TOT_TIME TIMEDELTA 0 59.32 18.09 0 nan nan nan nan NaT 1 59.32 18.11 103 0.84 0.12 0.84 0.12 0 days 00:07:14.260800 2 59.32 18.16 83 1.45 0.21 2.30 0.33 0 days 00:19:41.160000 3 … Continue reading

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New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Learning | Quanta Magazine

A new idea is helping to explain the puzzling success of today’s artificial-intelligence algorithms — and might also explain how human brains learn. — Läs på

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Scientific Betting on Ice Hockey Worlds now on Facebook

Scientific Gambling on Ice Hockey World Championships 2018

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Poor Man’s Betting Shop – Using Baysian Inference to setup your own Betting Shop

Further exploration of Bayesian Inference, applied to the upcoming 2018 Ice Hockey World Championships. This time, I’m trying to understand how the professional betting shops set their odds, and how they make a profit. It took some ‘research’ into the … Continue reading

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Nash equilibrium explained

Nash equilibrium explained

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Samband mellan migration och sexualbrott…? [Del I]

Brottsförebyggande Rådet, BRÅ, för enligt uppgift inte statistik över etnicitet eller nationalitet på de kriminella i Sverige. Man kan fråga sig varför, då det är känt att vissa grupper är gravt överrepresenterade i vissa typer av brott, och ur ett … Continue reading

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Stay smart, write code

Interesting article on the mental benefits of writing code:

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The importance of IQ

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Olympics 2018 – Medals

As per 20180224.

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Are lawnmovers greater risk than terrorists…?

Paper debunking media’s common misunderstanding of different risks. Systemic risk vs random risk – two extremely different beasts. Your bathtub, lawnmover or swimming pool are random risks with narrow tails, while terrorists constitute systemic risks with fat tails.  

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