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Culture eats process for breakfast

Another great presentation by Henrik Kniberg, “Culture over Process” , among other things clearly demonstating that the lessons from Dan Pink’s Drive are fundamental for sustained performance, productivity, and adaptability. Culture matters vastly more for outcomes than any process. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Interesting “meta”-thoughts on systems and problem solving

For a while ago, I found problemsfirst.com, a site created by Bernard Robertson-Dunn. There’s some quite interesting thoughts, many of them derived from the domain of dynamic systems, control theory and cybernetics,  on systems development and problem solving in general, … Continue reading

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Agile here, agile there, agile everywhere…

For an old grumpy man like me, who’s been around long enough to experience that there’s really not much really new under the sun, only re-brandings and new buzz words in an attempt to appear fresh and innovative, it’s quite … Continue reading

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Massive UK government IT-program ditches Agile in favor for Waterfall

DWP, UK Department of Work and Pensions, drops Agile for its £2B Universal Credit program. I find it amazing,  amuzing, ironic as well as sad to continuously having to observe our industry’s desperate search for the next silver bullet, regardless … Continue reading

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Lean from the trenches – Henrik Kniberg’s experiences with Agile, Kanban & Lean @ RPS

A case study on Lean, Agile & Kanban in real life from Henrik Kniberg’s work with the Swedish Police Authority’s new system. [thanks to “Lambo” Larsson for the pointer!]

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Why (some) clients hate agile….

Very much worthwhile post to read, on why customer’s – particularly those more used to deal with suppliers of traditional manufacturing process mass production products   – might have a hard time dealing with software based products produced with an … Continue reading

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Management by checking boxes in a list – a.k.a. Empty Suit Mgmt

My former colleague and friend Fredrik has posted a telling story of how Empty Suit’s go about their work…  The fundamental problem is that these folks who prefer to manage only by checklists do see everything as onedimensional, and refuse … Continue reading

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The history of programming languages

An interesting history of programming languages. [thanks to the Prof for the pointer!]

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If cars were developed with the same mindset as (commercial) software…

With some 25+ years in the software business, it’s kind of interesting for me to reflect a moment over the differences in mindset and strategies between development, production and marketing of established consumer goods, such as cars, with that of … Continue reading

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Agility – what’s in it for non-development roles, such as prod.mgmt or even sales…?

So, your development teams are now agile, they operate in a cross-functional setup, they do feature centric development, they practice continuous integration & delivery, and you have a number of communities-of-practice alive and well.  Are you now really agile, is … Continue reading

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