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Middle Mgmt made redundant

Just learned today that one of my old, very respected friends, a middle manager within a large multinational company, has decided to take early retirement. Although his business track record is impressive and flawless,  and his customer intimacy, knowledge and … Continue reading

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The Management Revolution

Absolutely brilliant and essential read by Steve Denning! “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

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Internet trends

Mary Meeker’s “Internet Trends” report.  The numbers and trends are simply mindblowing! (Thanks to Olivera for the pointer!)

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Tax payer money to boost shareholder value

For some time ago, I wrote about the chaos that materialized in Northern Stockholm’s Public Transportation System, when the multinational bus operator Arriva took over traffic after having won the largest public transportation contract ever in Sweden. What really struck … Continue reading

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If cars were developed with the same mindset as (commercial) software…

With some 25+ years in the software business, it’s kind of interesting for me to reflect a moment over the differences in mindset and strategies between development, production and marketing of established consumer goods, such as cars, with that of … Continue reading

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Swedishness (or perhaps: Swedish-mess :-)

Swedish life, customs and behaviour explained in 3 minutes – very much to the point, IMO… 🙂

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High IQ is about ability to filter out noise from the signal

Brand new research by Dr. Duje Tadin, of University of Rochester, has found a remarkable correlation between intelligence – as least of the type that can be measured by traditional IQ tests – and the ability to filter out noise … Continue reading

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Three incompatible economic approaches: Traditional, Financial, Creative

A great read from Steve Denning on three different approaches for doing business, and the different management and organizational paradigms used within each of them.

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“Big Data” is *not* the next SIlver Bullet!

An excellent post by Beth Kanter, explaining why neither “Big Data” nor “Data Driven Management” will take us to organizational Utopia. Our world is simply too complex for any simple minded, mechanistic  approach to provide the “final solution”. For sure, … Continue reading

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Lack of application of Complexity Theory in management

An absolutely essential and brilliant article by RIchard Staub in Harvard Business Review, on why organizations have not embraced Complexity as the #1 paradigm for governing their “system”. Reason #1: it’s too complex…! Today’s typical  Empty Suit-managers prefer simplicity, and … Continue reading

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