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“Data Informed” beats “Data Driven” any day of the week – an example from traffic

A while ago I referred to Beth Kanter’s post on why “Data Informed” decision making is so much better than the “Data Driven” dito touted by the fans and proponents of “Big Data”. Here’s an example on the topic, drawn … Continue reading

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Dr. David Ferruci, the father of Watson, left IBM

Dr. David Ferruci, the lead of Watson development, has left IBM to join a hedge fund, to apply artificial intelligence to macroeconomic modeling. I particularly like the below comment by Dr. Ferruci, re. the current “Big Data” buzz: “But in … Continue reading

Posted in Big Data, Data Driven Management, Innovation, Research, Technology | Tagged , , , , , | Leave a comment Essential read by Hal Berenson for understanding the implications of the ever increasing government and corporation surveillance of citizens – the danger of “guilty by association” is imminent. [ Editorial in Dagens Nyheter 130611 on the same theme- in … Continue reading

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Making Management as simple as Frisbee

Once again, Steve Denning hits the nail, this time offering a new set of heuristics for modern management in today’s complex – multi dimensional – world! Ping all fans of “Big Data“: you might soon find out that the purely … Continue reading

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“Big Data” is *not* the next SIlver Bullet!

An excellent post by Beth Kanter, explaining why neither “Big Data” nor “Data Driven Management” will take us to organizational Utopia. Our world is simply too complex for any simple minded, mechanistic  approach to provide the “final solution”. For sure, … Continue reading

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