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Geolocation with Google API’s & Python – mapping addresses to GPS coordinates

Google does some pretty impressive things – not just all the web-based search stuff, but they also have lot’s and lot’s of really cool API’s for programmers to peruse. In order to access these API’s, you need a personal authorization … Continue reading

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Marcialonga Ski 2019 – some Analytics

Now, with the power grid finally – after 62 hours! – back in business, I’m able to continue my stats/analytics exploration of the past Marcialonga ski race. First, some basic stats about the race: Total number of participants: 5558, of … Continue reading

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Ugly soup with Python, requests & Beautiful Soup

Web scraping has never been a coveted nor favorite discipline of mine; in fact, for me web scraping is an unfortunate, but sometimes necessary evil. Scraping web-pages, at least for me, is a very unstructured process, basically pure Trial & … Continue reading

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