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What If We’re Wrong? – Areo

What If We’re Wrong? – Areo — Read on areomagazine.com/2021/05/19/what-if-were-wrong/ The certainty with which people hold their opinions is inversely proportional to their understanding of the subject. Welcome to Complex Systems.

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Science as Amateur Software Development – Richard McElreath

This explains quite a lot about why modern science often is so wrong about reality.

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SOFAR Channel acustics

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Interview with Professor Beda Stadler on the politicization of COVID-19 science

I’ve been long flabbergasted over why the entire world has gone into panic mode due to Corona, when more and more evidence is mounting that the virus is not significantly worse than a severe seasonal flu. Still, the world at … Continue reading

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Corona – Sweden: at least 10.000 infected as of today, 2020-03-20

For exactly a week ago, when the Swedish number of infected was 814, I predicted (more correctly: my Bayesian Model did) that today, March 20, Sweden would have 10.000 infected. Looking at today’s official numbers, it seems that I was … Continue reading

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Corona outbreak – evolution

The Corona researchers at John Hopkins University have kindly provided their up-to-date,day-by-day data for public consumption.  So I took a look at the data, and hacked a bit to produce a couple of graphs on the number of infected.  (The … Continue reading

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Making a living as a Professional Scientific Gambler using Bayesian Inference…?

As my readers know, over the past few weeks I’ve been conducting an experiment: Applying scientific betting on the just finished Ice Hockey World Championships.  By “scientific”, I’m referring to the exclusive use of statistical and mathematical models, simulation, and … Continue reading

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First Support for a Physics Theory of Life | Quanta Magazine

Take chemistry, add energy, get life. The first tests of Jeremy England’s provocative origin-of-life hypothesis are in, and they appear to show how order can — Läs på http://www.quantamagazine.org/first-support-for-a-physics-theory-of-life-20170726/

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Performance improvements in sports over the years-Technology, Gene Pool, Mindset

Have you ever wondered why records in most seconds/meters/kilos-sports keep improving, David Epstein, author of “The Sports Gene“, explains why:thanks to changes in technology, gene pool and mindset.

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The power of non-verbal communication – body language

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