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Must See: Living in a surveillance state – Mikko Hypponen

Absolute “Must See” Ted talk on why the mass surveillance performed by NSA, GCHQ, FRA and others is absolutely detrimental to democracy, liberty, freedom, society and you, and why Open Source could help saving your privacy. “your favorite search engine … Continue reading

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Mobile phone surf speeds

Dagens Nyheter of today contains an article about real field tests on up/download speeds for different phones. It turns out that the phone itself might be more important for surf speed than your subscription.

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Samsung establishes itself in LTE network business

Whoa! Where did these guys come from…? I mean, Samsung used to be consumer gizmo’s exclusively, flat screen TV’s, cell phones etc,  and now, all of sudden, they are taking state-of-the-art network business from the established NEP’s… A clear example … Continue reading

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Ever wondered about OSS & BSS ?

A great “Dan Pink-style” whiteboarding video explaining the fundamentals of telecom’s “OSS” (Operations Support Systems) and “BSS” (Business Support Systems). Thanks to Charles for the pointer!  

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