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Demographics simulation

There’s some interesting reading about demographics and Global birthrates: as you might have learned from the news, the birthrates in meny advanced (mostly western) countries are declining, in some places to such low levels that should the trend continue, those populations … Continue reading

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2SD | ! 2SD

For those of my (Swedish) readers, who from the perhaps somewhat cryptic headline of this post got the impression that this will be something about the ( in politically correct circles – which I definitely don’t belong to!)  utterly taboo-to-mention … Continue reading

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Social Network analysis of Carl Bildt’s – Swedish Foreign Minister – Twitter activities

As I’ve posted before, the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is very active on social media since long time (cudos, Carl!), as well as a proponent of close cooperation with foreign (read NATO + Israeli) security and intelligence services. Furthermore, … Continue reading

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