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The Art of Code – Dylan Beattie

Beautiful presentation on computing.

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A Computer Programming analogy to COVID Vaccine safety

Just happened to run into the below Twitter thread. IMO a good illustration on the potential dangers of tinkering with a system – any large system, not to mention a Complex System of Systems, such as the human body – … Continue reading

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MCMC “Internals” – fitting the data

Lately, I’ve been puzzling over how exactly MCMC fits the data of the likelihood, that is, how exactly is that fitting done by the various tools implementing MCMC. So, this post is maily about MCMC Internals, not about how to … Continue reading

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Independent code review of the Imperial College’s Corona Model

Independent code review of Professor Feguson’s Corona model This is indeed interesting reading. For anyone who’s done any amount of professional coding, it’s clear – given that what the article claims is correct – that the robustness of the code … Continue reading

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Confidence Intervals in Python

Suppose you are interested in finding out the mean weight of all Sumo wrestlers in Japan. Or the average gas consuption of Korean made automobiles… Why…? No idea, but that sort of statistics might be of interest, for someone, at … Continue reading

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Map Projections using Python & Basemap

The numerous external libraries available for Python continue impressing me, in scope, numbers and ease of use.  A couple of hours ago I googled for chartographic tools for Python, and found the Basemap-library, an add-on to Matplotlib. For whatever reason, … Continue reading

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Machine Learning with PyBrain

Looks very impressive, a comprehensive library for machine learning using Python.

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Making opencv work on WIndows7 Cygwin 64-bit : 7 hour’s of painful trial & error

Continuing my exploration of image processing, I found opencv. The examples given there are impressive. So, I decided to install opencv. Im running 64-bit Windows7, and since I’m a grumpy old man, I don’t run Visual Studio, Eclipse or any … Continue reading

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Optimization: 100x performance boost (even without DevOps!) :-)

(First of all, apologies for the mention of ‘DevOps’ above:this post has, as far as I can tell – since I really don’t know what DevOps is, haven’t found any place where to download it… – nothing what so ever … Continue reading

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Agile stories, architecture, and religious processes

Very to-the-point views from Charles on process religion.  I’ve always been puzzled why organization pay so much attention to process, and so little to the outcome of a process… The process ‘wars’ of today bear a huge resemblance to the since … Continue reading

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