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Making a living as a Professional Scientific Gambler using Bayesian Inference…?

As my readers know, over the past few weeks I’ve been conducting an experiment: Applying scientific betting on the just finished Ice Hockey World Championships.  By “scientific”, I’m referring to the exclusive use of statistical and mathematical models, simulation, and … Continue reading

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World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness rankings 2017-2018 Interesting statistics on many categories of data regarding the performance of various nations. Includes rankings and trends.

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net(Net) on the bleak future for Ginny & IBM

A perspective on IBM and Ginny’s challenges moving forward, from net(Net): “As part of a strategic decision to optimize your information technology agreements, investments, and relationships, consider engaging NET(net) as a strategic partner in your success.” “Prediction is difficult, … Continue reading

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Radical Management presentation by Steve Denning

Here’s an excellent ppt presentation, where Steve Denning gives the background and rationale for why the world must change from traditional to radical management. A few tidbits from the presentation: “tradidional management was deployed as a way to getting semi-skilled … Continue reading

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Cringely’s latest projection – the consequences of “focus on shareholder value”

Robert X Cringely on the consequences of relentless focus on “shareholder value”. The contemporary “business model” of most of today’s large enterprises, regardless domain, is based on relentless “focus on shareholder value” exlusively. And since the time horizon for that … Continue reading

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Today’s banks and finance market play Russian Roulette with *your* head at stake

Excellent article by Joris Luyendijk in Guardian, about the total dysfunctionality of today’s banking and finance industry: “Our banks are not merely out of control, they are beyond control.”  For more on the same theme, see these two posts: End of … Continue reading

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End of the Road

Want to understand the root causes of all the financial crisis the world has been experiencing lately….? A hint: epic greed combined with  FIAT money and Ponzi schemes…! This trailer gives you a synopsis for the full (55 min) documentary, … Continue reading

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Management by checking boxes in a list – a.k.a. Empty Suit Mgmt

My former colleague and friend Fredrik has posted a telling story of how Empty Suit’s go about their work…  The fundamental problem is that these folks who prefer to manage only by checklists do see everything as onedimensional, and refuse … Continue reading

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Three incompatible economic approaches: Traditional, Financial, Creative

A great read from Steve Denning on three different approaches for doing business, and the different management and organizational paradigms used within each of them.

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Google search terms predict financial market moves

Tobias Preis of Warwick Business School, has found that the frequency of certain financial terms in Google searches can predict market movements. So, if you want to beat the market, just count the occurence of words such as “revenue”, “unemployment” … Continue reading

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