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Siemens lays off 15,000—this is what happens when you put a CFO in charge

No surprises here… Yet another Empty Suit solely focusing on short term shareholder value.

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World income inequality

Most of you reading this blog are doing better financially than 93% of the world’s population…

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Misconceptions about banking and money

Essential watching this 6 part series in order to realize why our current financial system is a Ponzi Scheme, inevitably leading to a bursting bubble sooner or later. The tragic is that a vast majority of today’s economic and financial … Continue reading

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The Crisis of Civilization

Excellent video, with a clear “systems” view (“the sum is greater than its parts”) on the state of the world. Must see for everyone, specially main stream neo-classical economists and neo-liberal politicians, who still believe it’s possible to understand a … Continue reading

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Main stream economists (and their models) don’t have a clue…

Absolutely fabulous documentary on the root causes for the current economic and financial crisis plaguing the world – in summary: main stream economists (from the Neo-classical Chicago School) really don’t have a clue… despite 22 Nobel Prices…! PS: although … Continue reading

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Warning! You will likely be robbed if you take a taxi in Stockholm…!

This post has very little to do with software, at least in the ordinary sense of the word. However, it has quite a bit to do with “systems”, in particular, political and financial ones. The purpose of this post is … Continue reading

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net(Net) on the bleak future for Ginny & IBM

A perspective on IBM and Ginny’s challenges moving forward, from net(Net): “As part of a strategic decision to optimize your information technology agreements, investments, and relationships, consider engaging NET(net) as a strategic partner in your success.” “Prediction is difficult, … Continue reading

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Radical Management presentation by Steve Denning

Here’s an excellent ppt presentation, where Steve Denning gives the background and rationale for why the world must change from traditional to radical management. A few tidbits from the presentation: “tradidional management was deployed as a way to getting semi-skilled … Continue reading

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Cringely’s latest projection – the consequences of “focus on shareholder value”

Robert X Cringely on the consequences of relentless focus on “shareholder value”. The contemporary “business model” of most of today’s large enterprises, regardless domain, is based on relentless “focus on shareholder value” exlusively. And since the time horizon for that … Continue reading

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Today’s banks and finance market play Russian Roulette with *your* head at stake

Excellent article by Joris Luyendijk in Guardian, about the total dysfunctionality of today’s banking and finance industry: “Our banks are not merely out of control, they are beyond control.”  For more on the same theme, see these two posts: End of … Continue reading

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