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Ever been really really drunk…? Made a fool of yourself..? Here’s a strategy for U if you need to run…

Continuing my experiments with Python’s various mathematical, statistical and scientific libraries, I decided to do a simulation of the Drunkard’s Walk, using different probability distributions. Unless you’ve ever been in that totally intoxicated situation where your vision is blurred, your … Continue reading

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The blindfolded archer – Cauchy distribution: when randomness gets wild

This is part 2 of my exploration of PyMC, and I will continue using the example from part one, where I concluded that the data of my experiment, a dataset consisting of a list of daily visitor counts to one … Continue reading

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Python matplotlib, Monte Carlo simulation, and basic statistics

Having spent some evenings with Monte Carlo simulations with Python, where I cheated the plotting part using excel on the files I generated from Python, I decided to bite the bullet and install Pythons’ huge matplotlib. I had tried to … Continue reading

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More gambling & sail racing in Monte Carlo land

As frequent readers of this blog know, I’m a keen sailor. Over all these years I’ve been involved in the sail racing circus – either as sailor myself, or as coach or umpire – I’ve always been amazed by the … Continue reading

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Accidental discovery of Central Limit Theorem by Monte Carlo Simulation

Continuing my exploration of the Python language, I decided to use it for a  very simple Monte Carlo simulation.  Why such an unusual domain, you might ask…? Well, to me the most difficult part in any learning effort is to identify … Continue reading

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