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Phased Array

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Machine Learning – results

So, I reached the point where my Neural Network , after a couple of thousand training iterations, is capable of correctly identifying and separating different categories of input into their corresponding classes. More specifically, as “targets”, I’ve chosen a number … Continue reading

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Radar Plotting & Trial Manouver on iPad/iPhone

Want to do radar plotting on your phone or ipad ? Including Trial Manouvers… Here’s a hack I wrote doing just that.

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Feeling like God – understanding the design in detail, but not the outcomes: Neural Networks

(First of all, to clarify any potential for misunderstandings: I’m not religious, I do not believe in an almighty God – for that to happen, the teodice problem should have a clear and understandable solution, among other things…) Ok, back … Continue reading

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Dr. David Ferruci, the father of Watson, left IBM

Dr. David Ferruci, the lead of Watson development, has left IBM to join a hedge fund, to apply artificial intelligence to macroeconomic modeling. I particularly like the below comment by Dr. Ferruci, re. the current “Big Data” buzz: “But in … Continue reading

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Absolutely Amazing Robotics and Control Theory!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this demonstration of what intelligent algorithms, control theory and mathematics can make quadrocopters do!

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Very cool technology to deal with stress

Take a look at what these very creative and innovative guys at BioBeats are doing: visualizing and “audiolizing” the stress level in your body! Available for free in appStore… [ thanks to The Prof for the pointer! ]

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The world of Hans Rosling

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Government and corporate survaillance of citizens Essential read by Hal Berenson for understanding the implications of the ever increasing government and corporation surveillance of citizens – the danger of “guilty by association” is imminent. [ Editorial in Dagens Nyheter 130611 on the same theme- in … Continue reading

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Mobile phone surf speeds

Dagens Nyheter of today contains an article about real field tests on up/download speeds for different phones. It turns out that the phone itself might be more important for surf speed than your subscription.

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