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Escaping the cult of the average – Shawn Achor

Psychologist Shawn Achor on the importance of perspective and positive state of mind

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The anatomy of an Agile organization

En excellent presentation by Andrea Tomasini of Agile42, a great summary of not only what Agile is, but also about why traditional command & control management practices, invented by Taylor for 100 years ago, will not work in our modern … Continue reading

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Sluta med propagandan

En alldeles lysande text av Marika Formgren  om det erbarmligt dåliga debattklimatet i dagens Sverige, där de lättkränkta styr, PK-epidemin sprider ut sig som en löpeld, och oliktänkande förföljs och hånas offentligt Sluta med propagandan.

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Six Things We Learned About Our Changing Climate in 2013 | Science | Smithsonian

Six Things We Learned About Our Changing Climate in 2013 | Science | Smithsonian.

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En julbetraktelse över Sveriges tillstånd

Hur skapar man en gemenskap,samhörighet och gemensamhet i grupper från 2 individer till miljoner människor, en känsla av ‘en för alla, alla för en’…där  rättigheter och förmåner är *kombinerade med* ansvar och skyldigheter…? Där alla samarbetar och aktivt bidrar för … Continue reading

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Intelligensens betydelse för debatten kring invandring, multikultur och “rasism”

Jag har länge funderat på orsaken till de så fastlåsta positionerna i debatten angående invandringens eventuella för- respektive nackdelar, inte minst de senaste dagarna efter Expressens obehagliga åsiktsregistrering. I debatten, där ena sidan rabiat hävdar att invandringen ger ett positivt … Continue reading

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Culture eats process for breakfast

Another great presentation by Henrik Kniberg, “Culture over Process” , among other things clearly demonstating that the lessons from Dan Pink’s Drive are fundamental for sustained performance, productivity, and adaptability. Culture matters vastly more for outcomes than any process. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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A great summary of what Agile is (and isn’t) by Henrik Kniberg

I just found this pdf, where Henrik Kniberg provides a brilliant summary, in terms of content as well as in terms of presentation, of what Agile is and what it means. And what it isn’t…. (I know we all start to … Continue reading

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The Crisis of Civilization

Excellent video, with a clear “systems” view (“the sum is greater than its parts”) on the state of the world. Must see for everyone, specially main stream neo-classical economists and neo-liberal politicians, who still believe it’s possible to understand a … Continue reading

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Warning! You will likely be robbed if you take a taxi in Stockholm…!

This post has very little to do with software, at least in the ordinary sense of the word. However, it has quite a bit to do with “systems”, in particular, political and financial ones. The purpose of this post is … Continue reading

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