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Probability Distributions for Dummies – Drunken walks and blindfolded archers

After having spent a few evenings exploring Python’s various math & science modules, specifically those dealing with probability, simulation and statistics, perhaps it’s time for a brief summary. In my previous recent posts, I’ve gone thru concepts such as mild … Continue reading

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The blindfolded archer – Cauchy distribution: when randomness gets wild

This is part 2 of my exploration of PyMC, and I will continue using the example from part one, where I concluded that the data of my experiment, a dataset consisting of a list of daily visitor counts to one … Continue reading

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Bayesian analysis of web traffic reveals Black Swans

Continuing my exploration of PyMC, the Python library for Bayesian statistics – from the Introduction section in PyMC documentation: “PyMC is a python module that implements Bayesian statistical models and fitting algorithms, including Markov chain Monte Carlo” I gathered visitor … Continue reading

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Samsung establishes itself in LTE network business

Whoa! Where did these guys come from…? I mean, Samsung used to be consumer gizmo’s exclusively, flat screen TV’s, cell phones etc,  and now, all of sudden, they are taking state-of-the-art network business from the established NEP’s… A clear example … Continue reading

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Denning on Innovation, Agility & accountability

Interesting post again from Steve Denning, this time on USAF’s 1.3BUSD lessons learned…  Also great to see that Denning references “The Prof’s” recent book, Enterprise Software Delivery

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