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I’m sure you are now wondering “what the heck is he all about now… a post title containing nothing but a number…?” I got a text message containing nothing but this number earlier today, from my pal and co-boat-owner Micke. … Continue reading

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The perils of leaning too much on metrics and numbers

The perils of the all too common practice of “management and decision making by numbers“, a favorite practice of the Empty Suits with an MBA,  has been  clearly demonstrated by PhD student Thomas Herndon, who discovered a serious calculation flaw … Continue reading

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Google search terms predict financial market moves

Tobias Preis of Warwick Business School, has found that the frequency of certain financial terms in Google searches can predict market movements. So, if you want to beat the market, just count the occurence of words such as “revenue”, “unemployment” … Continue reading

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Death of Innovation, end of Growth Robert Gordon argues that today’s innovation – mostly gizmo’s & gadgets – is not capable of repeating the economic growth generated by the innovations of the 20th century.

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Thought of the day

“Even if you have the engine finely tuned you still need to make sure you pour in the right fuel”  I just got this line from one of my colleagues and friends, Amir – that line expresses a deep understanding … Continue reading

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When buzz-words reach mainstreet…

You know that a  word has become a commodity when  even “traditional” businesses start using them…!  🙂 Yesterday I saw a garbage truck from Stena, carrying the logo “Innovative Recycling” in bold text. So now it’s safe to say that … Continue reading

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Samsung establishes itself in LTE network business

Whoa! Where did these guys come from…? I mean, Samsung used to be consumer gizmo’s exclusively, flat screen TV’s, cell phones etc,  and now, all of sudden, they are taking state-of-the-art network business from the established NEP’s… A clear example … Continue reading

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Agility – what’s in it for non-development roles, such as prod.mgmt or even sales…?

So, your development teams are now agile, they operate in a cross-functional setup, they do feature centric development, they practice continuous integration & delivery, and you have a number of communities-of-practice alive and well.  Are you now really agile, is … Continue reading

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15 ways to identify bad leaders

Excellent post by Mike Myatt in Forbes on leadership – or more correctly, lack of it. How many points of these 15 do you “score”, or those that are set to lead you….? Excellent leaders are rare indeed, pretty much … Continue reading

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Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx

Efficiency vs. Meaning in the knowledge society

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