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Great example of backfiring incentive system

A great story, by Vijay Govindarajan and Srikanth Srinivas, in Harward Business Review,  on how metrics, KPI’s and incentive systems can backfire, badly. Thanks to Maria for the pointer.

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Are you smarter than 80% of professional gynecologists…?

Several studies, e.g this one, show that most people, including professionals in domains where knowledge of chance and odds matter, have difficulties understanding probabilities. Take the following example (from the linked study above): – it is known that in a … Continue reading

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Scaling engineering productivity at Facebook

Very interesting presentation, by David Mortenson, Engineering Manager at Facebook,  on how Facebook engineering managed to scale their developer productivity to match a 10x growth in the number of engineers. Key point: relentless focus on performance of the tools and … Continue reading

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InfoQ review of “Enterprise Software Delivery”

(Image from Great to see InfoQ’s raving review,  of  “The Prof’s” latest book! 🙂  An inline interview with the author is included.

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The Grandiosity of modern business & society

Professor Mats Alvesson talking about the Grandiosity of modern business & society, where  image matters more than reality, a fancy web-site displaying all the politically correct disclaimers and slogan’s about environmental policies etc is more important than getting the real job … Continue reading

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Anti-agile Business-by-Contracts model bound to fail

In two previous posts ( first, second )  I’ve described the chaotic situation in Northern Stockholm’s public transportation system, after Arriva took over operations January 7th, 2013. Now the leading Swedish bus industry trade magazine, “Bussmagasinet”, has written a “no-BS” editorial about the … Continue reading

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Agile Transformation Mini-book by Agile42 – what you need to know before you start

Andrea Tomasini & Martin Kearns of Agile42,  a leading Agile mentoring & coaching company, have recently published a very readable and essential-to-read “mini-book” on success and failure patterns of any agile transformation. You can download the book, “Agile Transition, what you need … Continue reading

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Foundations for Self-Organization

My former colleague Svante Lidman has thought quite a bit about Agility and “the agile organization”.  His line of thinking is (IMO) very much in line with my own.  This link takes you to one of Svante’s presentations on the … Continue reading

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Roots of Functional Stupidity

Professor Mats Alvesson presents some of the root causes for Functional Stupidity. (Presentation is in Swedish)

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Functional Stupidity – The mysterious ways of large organizations explained

A friend of mine just brought my attention to this hot-off-the-press research paper, “A Stupidity Based Theory of Organizations”, by Mats Alvesson and Andre’ Spicer,  published in Journal Of Management Studies. The paper is amazing, it explains a lot of … Continue reading

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