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Sochi 2014 – population growth rates in medal winning countries

For the fun of it, continuing adding more or less irrelevant national data to my Sochi database: The above graph shows population growth rates in each of the countries that thus far have scored Olympic medals in Sochi.  Why…? simply … Continue reading

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Sochi2014 Olympics: medals per national military expenditure per GDP

On popular demand (hi, Mark H!) I’ve calculated the outcomes of Olympic medals over each nation’s military spending, as a percentage of GDP. Turns out the very non-agressive Netherlands wins that category,  Lots of medals, low military spending as fraction … Continue reading

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Searching for the signal of open standards amid the growing noise of agile

Searching for the signal of open standards amid the growing noise of agile. The noise of agile drowns the signal of architecture and open standards.  

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The importance of the psychological dimension for business

Psychology matters as a key determinant for the client’s perception of the value received. Framing your proposal differently, can make all the difference in outcomes. Example: is Google the best search engine in the world ? No one really knows, … Continue reading

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The anatomy of an Agile organization

En excellent presentation by Andrea Tomasini of Agile42, a great summary of not only what Agile is, but also about why traditional command & control management practices, invented by Taylor for 100 years ago, will not work in our modern … Continue reading

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Sochi 2014: Olympic medal national productivity index

This post on Sochi medals per capita gave me a thought: how efficient are the different competing countries in producing medalists…? So I decided to compare the results of Sochi 2014, in terms of Olympic medals, by relating them to each … Continue reading

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The nestor on environment, J. Lovelock, on climate change

James Lovelock, the nestor of research on ecosystems, in a Guardian interview on climate change.  some hightlights: “ethical consumption, recycling, carbon offsetting, “renewable energy” etc – all those activities are as useful as the rearrangement of Titanic’s deckchairs, deluded fantasies. … Continue reading

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Facial detection using OpenCV & Python on Windows7-Cygwin64

Finally! As described in my previous post, I had some struggle getting OpenCV to run at all under my Windows7 / Cygwin64 installation, but eventually I managed getting it working for C++. However, Python still refused to cooperate with OpenCV, … Continue reading

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Making opencv work on WIndows7 Cygwin 64-bit : 7 hour’s of painful trial & error

Continuing my exploration of image processing, I found opencv. The examples given there are impressive. So, I decided to install opencv. Im running 64-bit Windows7, and since I’m a grumpy old man, I don’t run Visual Studio, Eclipse or any … Continue reading

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The agile organization

Andrea Tomasini on the Agile Organization.  Well worth a read.

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