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The Seneca Effect: The Rise and Fall of Scientism. Do we Need a new Religion?

The Seneca Effect: The Rise and Fall of Scientism. Do we Need a new Religion? — Read on thesenecaeffect.blogspot.com/2021/12/the-rise-and-fall-of-scientism-do-we.html

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How science has been corrupted – UnHerd

Only if people are sufficiently scared will they give up basic liberties for the sake of security – this is the basic formula of Hobbes’s Leviathan. — Read on unherd.com/2021/05/how-science-has-been-corrupted/

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Escaping the cult of the average – Shawn Achor

Psychologist Shawn Achor on the importance of perspective and positive state of mind

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The importance of the psychological dimension for business

Psychology matters as a key determinant for the client’s perception of the value received. Framing your proposal differently, can make all the difference in outcomes. Example: is Google the best search engine in the world ? No one really knows, … Continue reading

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What type of person are you ? Jung typology test

If you are interested in finding out what type of personality you are, take this free test from the Humanmetrics website. I just did, and it’s quite impressive (and somewhat scary!) that a fairly limited set of simple questions can provide … Continue reading

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