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Sveriges självförsörjningsgrad är lika med noll – Jordbruksaktuellt

Sveriges självförsörjningsgrad är lika med noll – Jordbruksaktuellt — Read on Mycket insiktsfull – och därmed högst ovanlig – artikel…!

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Industrial Society and its Future

Perhaps some of you, old enough to have been adults 1995, do recognise the title. But I suspect most of you don’t, particularly if you are not living in the US. I find this document interesting, specially when considering that … Continue reading

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The Predicament of the Modern Civilization – Human Nature Combined With a Finite Planet

A great tutorial by Nate Hagens on why our current civilization is facing some serious challenges, and why it’s not only unlikely, but mathematically impossible for humankind to proceed along the current path.

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LENNART BENGTSSON: Hur kommer sammanbrottet att gestalta sig?   – DET GODA SAMHÄLLET

Att Sverige och kanske andra delar av västvärlden kommer att drabbas av något slags sammanbrott betraktar jag som närmast oundvikligt. Jag tänker då inte på något väder- eller klimatkatastrof utan snarare på en ekonomisk/social katastrof. Varför, kanske många frågar sig, kommer vi … Continue reading

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The role of Energy in human evolution

This conversation between Nate Hagens and Daniel Schmachtenberger takes you on a journey spanning from the dawn of civilization to the future. It reveals the vital role energy – and storage of energy – has played during the evolution of … Continue reading

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Covid – the perfect tool for establishing authoritarian society

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Oil boss criticises fleece-maker North Face for ‘virtue signalling’ | Financial Times

Houston drilling services company had been told it could not put its logo on the outdoor clothing manufacturer’s jackets — Read on Virtue Signalling backfired. Badly.

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When Will the Madness End?

“We’ve learned throughout this ordeal that despite our technology, our knowledge, our history of building prosperity and peace, we are no smarter than our ancestors and, by some measures, not as smart as our parents and grandparents. The experience with … Continue reading

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Corona US : confirmed & mortality per state

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Corona – Sweden and Netherlands – the Anomalies

[UPDATE: Added Germany + Canada] [All data from Johns Hopkins CSSE] Noticed a couple of interesting patterns when I put the growth rates for Confirmed and Deceased on the same chart, for a set of countries: Let’s start by looking … Continue reading

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