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Gender is not a social construct, but a biological reality, clearly demonstrated in sports

Just a quick demo to debunk the contemporary notion that “Gender is a social construct”. Data taken from today’s Tour the Ski sprint qualification times, for the top 30 women vs men, where both men & women used the same … Continue reading

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World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness rankings 2017-2018 Interesting statistics on many categories of data regarding the performance of various nations. Includes rankings and trends.

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Demographics simulation

There’s some interesting reading about demographics and Global birthrates: as you might have learned from the news, the birthrates in meny advanced (mostly western) countries are declining, in some places to such low levels that should the trend continue, those populations … Continue reading

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Culture eats process for breakfast

Another great presentation by Henrik Kniberg, “Culture over Process” , among other things clearly demonstating that the lessons from Dan Pink’s Drive are fundamental for sustained performance, productivity, and adaptability. Culture matters vastly more for outcomes than any process. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Radical Management presentation by Steve Denning

Here’s an excellent ppt presentation, where Steve Denning gives the background and rationale for why the world must change from traditional to radical management. A few tidbits from the presentation: “tradidional management was deployed as a way to getting semi-skilled … Continue reading

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Cringely’s latest projection – the consequences of “focus on shareholder value”

Robert X Cringely on the consequences of relentless focus on “shareholder value”. The contemporary “business model” of most of today’s large enterprises, regardless domain, is based on relentless “focus on shareholder value” exlusively. And since the time horizon for that … Continue reading

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End of the Road

Want to understand the root causes of all the financial crisis the world has been experiencing lately….? A hint: epic greed combined with  FIAT money and Ponzi schemes…! This trailer gives you a synopsis for the full (55 min) documentary, … Continue reading

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NSA disclosure: is it Orwellian, or is it Huxley…?

Over the past few days, since the revelation of Big Government’s Big-Data surveillance of the citizens of the world, there has been many references to George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984”, and that book is now soaring on Amazon’s list of … Continue reading

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NSA Surveillance Disclosure: interview with Edward Snowden

I’m impressed by the ethical compass and moral stamina required to challenge the world’s most powerful government and its increasingly totalitarian agencies! “Big Government” demands total obedience and respect for the law from its citizens, but does itself not hesitate … Continue reading

Posted in Big Data, Big Government, Culture, Grandiosity, Leadership, Organization | Tagged | Leave a comment Essential read by Hal Berenson for understanding the implications of the ever increasing government and corporation surveillance of citizens – the danger of “guilty by association” is imminent. [ Editorial in Dagens Nyheter 130611 on the same theme- in … Continue reading

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