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What is life ? Probably caused by randomness, energy transfer and the second law of thermodynamics.

I just managed finishing Dan Brown’s latest novel, “Origin”. It’s hard for me to read Dan Brown, since IMO he writes the same book over and over again, albeit in slightly different settings. And his stereotypical main protagonists are to … Continue reading

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NASA aerosol visualization

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Wind,Temperature,Air Pressure statistics

The above graphs show statistics from SMHI, the swedish meteorological and hydrographical institute, on air pressure, temperature and wind speed.  For each categrory, (pressure,temp,wind speed) there are two graphs: the first a frequency chart, the second a Q-Q-chart, showing the … Continue reading

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Proof for intelligent design and creationism

As my frequent readers know, I’be been experimenting with neural networks (type of artificial intelligence) over the past couple of weeks. More specifically, I’ve been using neural networks for image recognition. Have a look at the previous couple posts on … Continue reading

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Feeling like God – understanding the design in detail, but not the outcomes: Neural Networks

(First of all, to clarify any potential for misunderstandings: I’m not religious, I do not believe in an almighty God – for that to happen, the teodice problem should have a clear and understandable solution, among other things…) Ok, back … Continue reading

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Neural networks and image recognition – hit rate for target detection

In my previous post, I described some experiments with neural networks and image recognition that I entertained myself with during xmas holidays.  Basically, I wanted to see if I could create a neural network process that, given tiny (10×10, that … Continue reading

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Neural networks and image recognition

I’ve been enjoying xmas holidays doing some machine learning and Neural Network programming, in the general context of ‘Target Recognition’, more specifically, trying to teach my computer how to decide whether a person in an image is male or female. This … Continue reading

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Complexity, Chaos, Organization, Creativity & Innovation: Alan Turing & Benoit Mandelbrot

In this link, there’s a fantastic BBC documentary with Professor Al-Kahlili of University of Surrey, explaining how simple equations and feedback loops lead to the complex and self organizing life forms we are surrended by in our daily lives. Complex … Continue reading

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“Data Informed” beats “Data Driven” any day of the week – an example from traffic

A while ago I referred to Beth Kanter’s post on why “Data Informed” decision making is so much better than the “Data Driven” dito touted by the fans and proponents of “Big Data”. Here’s an example on the topic, drawn … Continue reading

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How to solve traffic jams

A TED-talk with Jonas Eliasson, Director of the Centre for Transport Studies at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology, explaining how traffic congestion problems can be dealt with. See also this post on the same topic.

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