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What If We’re Wrong? – Areo

What If We’re Wrong? – Areo — Read on areomagazine.com/2021/05/19/what-if-were-wrong/ The certainty with which people hold their opinions is inversely proportional to their understanding of the subject. Welcome to Complex Systems.

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Independent code review of the Imperial College’s Corona Model

Independent code review of Professor Feguson’s Corona model This is indeed interesting reading. For anyone who’s done any amount of professional coding, it’s clear – given that what the article claims is correct – that the robustness of the code … Continue reading

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Six Things We Learned About Our Changing Climate in 2013 | Science | Smithsonian

Six Things We Learned About Our Changing Climate in 2013 | Science | Smithsonian.

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There’s a difference between Architects and Inventors

My previous post, on different types of programmers, triggered another thought that’s been sitting in the back of my head for quite some time: the difference, if any, between truly creative, but often a bit ‘chaotic’ people, let’s call them … Continue reading

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Proof for intelligent design and creationism

As my frequent readers know, I’be been experimenting with neural networks (type of artificial intelligence) over the past couple of weeks. More specifically, I’ve been using neural networks for image recognition. Have a look at the previous couple posts on … Continue reading

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Agile Architecture – perspectives from Philippe Kruchten

Finallly, I found a post on a topic very close to my own heart, that of the notion and role of Architecture in our ever more agile world. With notions such as ‘Just-in-Time-Architecture’ and ‘Architecture-on-Demand’ I can’t help but being … Continue reading

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To change a deterministic,badly behaving (evil) System, you need to act from outside the system

Professor Peter Ludlow of Northwestern University wrore a brilliant piece in NYT’s Opinion pages on the moral and ethics of whistleblowing, examplified by e.g. Manning and Snowden. A lot of people have argued that by blowing their whistles, Manning and … Continue reading

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Interesting “meta”-thoughts on systems and problem solving

For a while ago, I found problemsfirst.com, a site created by Bernard Robertson-Dunn. There’s some quite interesting thoughts, many of them derived from the domain of dynamic systems, control theory and cybernetics,  on systems development and problem solving in general, … Continue reading

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Internet trends

Mary Meeker’s “Internet Trends” report.  The numbers and trends are simply mindblowing! (Thanks to Olivera for the pointer!)

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Samsung establishes itself in LTE network business

Whoa! Where did these guys come from…? I mean, Samsung used to be consumer gizmo’s exclusively, flat screen TV’s, cell phones etc,  and now, all of sudden, they are taking state-of-the-art network business from the established NEP’s… A clear example … Continue reading

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