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Psychological research explains why women are better leaders than men, but often fail to get the leadership position

A brilliant article by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic,  on why it is that most leadership and management positions are offered  to and given to men, and why so many “leaders” and managers are incompetent. This article thorougly illustrates what the notion of “empty … Continue reading

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Consequences of total surveillance

Innovation, risk taking, creativity, motivation, drive, participation, cooperation,  interest, social cohesion, quality, focus, energy, stamina, determination and overall well being, all suffer from mass surveillance: in nations, societies, organizations, corporations, businesses, schools as well as in families. In essence: people … Continue reading

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Sir Richard Branson, a man after my own heart Every organization needs mavericks to prosper, otherwise the end result will be total inertia and death by conformance.

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Employee ranking systems – Bell Curve misconceptions

There’s been quite a bit of buzz lately on Microsoft and its future. One topic that’s been covered is the management practices of the company, where Mr. Balmer’s leadership – or lack of it – has been questioned. In particular, … Continue reading

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Memory Lane, Nostalgia and the exponential evolution of technology

This evening I returned to a location where I spent 4 intense, fun and very rewarding years, almost 30 years ago, the University of Stockholm.  30 years is a fairly long time for a man, but an eon for technology. … Continue reading

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Cultural Patterns of Behavior, part II

Bernard’s comment to my previous post on this topic triggered some futher musing from my part on the “essence” of a “culture”, whether it is a national culture, or a culture of an organization. First, let me bluntly but firmly … Continue reading

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Cultural patterns of behavior

For some time ago, perhaps a year or so, I posted something on Facebook about “Swedish Culture”, and “Swedish values”,  that got some of my more politically correct  (PC)  Facebook friends  into a full spin – basically, the response of … Continue reading

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The naive academization of skill based professions – “Driver risk index” as an example

I recently took a test, labelled “Driver Risk Index“, developed by University of Cranfield,  as part of my summer sabbatical job as a tourist coach driver in Stockholm.   The purpose of the test is to establish,   by answering … Continue reading

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What is money ?


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Why the whole banking system is a scam…


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