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Hypothesis testing in Python – alpha,beta,Effect & Power

Suppose you’d like to conduct an experiment determining whether a new drug is effective to combat some disease. Let’s say that you have a control group and a test group of test subjects, where the test group receives your drug … Continue reading

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Statistics – lies, damn lies,part II: “Cancer rates in your county are more than factor 18 above national average!”

My previous post, on how statistics can, if not carefully presented and analyzed, give misleading conclusions can be further illustrated by a variant of the problem presented in that previous post: in the previous simulation, the overall population of 1.000.000 … Continue reading

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Confidence Intervals in Python

Suppose you are interested in finding out the mean weight of all Sumo wrestlers in Japan. Or the average gas consuption of Korean made automobiles… Why…? No idea, but that sort of statistics might be of interest, for someone, at … Continue reading

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Wind,Temperature,Air Pressure statistics

The above graphs show statistics from SMHI, the swedish meteorological and hydrographical institute, on air pressure, temperature and wind speed.  For each categrory, (pressure,temp,wind speed) there are two graphs: the first a frequency chart, the second a Q-Q-chart, showing the … Continue reading

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Wind Speed Distribution – is it Normal…?

As a sailor, I’ve become obsessed by wind. Trying to understand its behavior has kept me busy for decades, and still, I can’t claim I fully understand wind behavior. Anyways, one of the things I’ve wondered is whether wind is … Continue reading

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Map Projections using Python & Basemap

The numerous external libraries available for Python continue impressing me, in scope, numbers and ease of use.  A couple of hours ago I googled for chartographic tools for Python, and found the Basemap-library, an add-on to Matplotlib. For whatever reason, … Continue reading

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Improving Python performance by factor of 100

I’m doing a bit of Machine Learning on my spare time. A neural network that analyzes images. Anyways, since I don’t have zillions of computing power, any decent amount of learning data takes hours and days to process thru my … Continue reading

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Machine Learning with PyBrain

Looks very impressive, a comprehensive library for machine learning using Python.

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Facial detection using OpenCV & Python on Windows7-Cygwin64

Finally! As described in my previous post, I had some struggle getting OpenCV to run at all under my Windows7 / Cygwin64 installation, but eventually I managed getting it working for C++. However, Python still refused to cooperate with OpenCV, … Continue reading

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Python image processing – object recognition

When looking for a function enabling me to do normalized cross correlation of images, for purposes of object recognition, I stumbled upon an extension to the SciPy library: SciKit-image. After a few minutes of browsing that site I was able … Continue reading

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