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Risks when trying to optimize a Complex System (any Complex System) : Global vaccination during a pandemic might not be such a good idea…

“Complex systems are systems whose behavior is intrinsically difficult to model due to the dependencies, competitions, relationships, or other types of interactions between their parts or between a given system and its environment.” If you ever tried to optimize a single component/parameter/output … Continue reading

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Excessive Excess Deaths…? Or media disinformation warfare…?

Once again a misleading media article regarding Covid & deaths in Sweden, this time by Reuters. I’m not sure if media are too stupid to deal with basic numbers, or if they for whatever reason have a hidden agenda, therefore … Continue reading

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Fractal Dimensions – A brilliant tutorial

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More Mindbending Probability

In a previous post, I discussed the seemingly unintuitive logic of the famous Monty Hall Problem. However, with some careful thinking, even without resorting to Monte Carlo Simulation, I’m able to make sense of that apparent paradox. However, the paradox … Continue reading

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The scientists who say the lab-leak hypothesis for SARS-CoV-2 shouldn’t be ruled out | MIT Technology Review

For many scientists, challenging the idea that SARS-CoV-2 has natural origins is seen as career suicide. But some say the idea it came from the Wuhan lab should still be discussed. — Read on Lab Leak not to be ruled … Continue reading

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Oil boss criticises fleece-maker North Face for ‘virtue signalling’ | Financial Times

Houston drilling services company had been told it could not put its logo on the outdoor clothing manufacturer’s jackets — Read on Virtue Signalling backfired. Badly.

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CRISPR – modern biotech enables weapons of mass murder for a few hundred dollars

 I’ve been following this biotech-thing for some time now, and it is really, really scary – while I doubt that a high school kid can do very much harm with a CRISPR starter kit for 300 $, it sure looks … Continue reading

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Fooled by probability – Monty Hall Problem

“You made a mistake, but look at the positive side. If all those Ph.D.’s were wrong, the country would be in some very serious trouble.” Everett Harman, Ph.D. U.S. Army Research Institute Probability is a terrible branch of science, I … Continue reading

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City Journal on ”Excess Deaths”

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Lab-Made? SARS-CoV-2 Genealogy Through the Lens of Gain-of-Function Research | by Yuri Deigin | Medium

Oh, come on. Lab-made? Nonsense! Back in January, that was my knee-jerk reaction when ideas that Covid-19 is caused by a laboratory leak had just surfaced. Bioweapon? Well, that is just Flat Earth… — Read on

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