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Stuff & Energy – unbreakable bond

@DoombergT: 1/ Modern society is awash in stuff. There’s stuff at the grocery store. At the hardware store. At Amazon and eBay. We eat stuff, wear stuff, buy stuff, and store stuff. Click some buttons, swipe a…… — Read on … Continue reading

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Sveriges självförsörjningsgrad är lika med noll – Jordbruksaktuellt

Sveriges självförsörjningsgrad är lika med noll – Jordbruksaktuellt — Read on Mycket insiktsfull – och därmed högst ovanlig – artikel…!

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The Predicament of the Modern Civilization – Human Nature Combined With a Finite Planet

A great tutorial by Nate Hagens on why our current civilization is facing some serious challenges, and why it’s not only unlikely, but mathematically impossible for humankind to proceed along the current path.

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Thread by @JohnLeePettim13 on ”Green” Energy

@JohnLeePettim13: A single Tesla battery weighing 1,000 pounds requires extracting and processing some 500,000 pounds of materials. At this rate, over the next thirty years we will need to mine more mineral ores tha…… — Read on

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The role of Energy in human evolution

This conversation between Nate Hagens and Daniel Schmachtenberger takes you on a journey spanning from the dawn of civilization to the future. It reveals the vital role energy – and storage of energy – has played during the evolution of … Continue reading

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SWEDEN 2021 Daily Power Production by type

Renewables will simply not cut it, as illustrated by the image below: Anyone who understands the requirement for absolute stability in power production should realize that neither wind nor solar will do the trick. The fundamental requirement for power production … Continue reading

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