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SWEDEN : COVID DELTA is finally here – 42% increase in weekly “Cases”!

Look at that headline – scary, isn’t it ? 42% increase in cases from previous week…! Let’s have a look: Look at the top plot depicting “cases” : notice how the latest two weeks both are above 1, i.e. the … Continue reading

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Ledarskap (Leadership)

Spot-on ! (Google translation to English below) “Many of us have experienced a really bad boss. It is only with us humans that a bad leader can become a boss at all. We humans can deceive each other. In a … Continue reading

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Does covid cause brain damage? – Sebastian Rushworth M.D.

A recent study purports to show that covid causes brain damage, even in those who only had mild symptoms. Here’s why the study is rubbish. — Read on

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SWEDEN : COVID Cases, Tests & Cases per Test

Corrcoeff’s :

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SWEDEN : Seasonal Deaths 19/20 & 20/21 YTD – Expected, Observed, Excess

Season defined as October – September. Deaths == All Cause Deaths.

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A bit more serious attempt to estimate COVID Vaccine Efficacy

A few days ago, I did a quick & dirty Bayesian estimate on Covid Vaccine Efficacy, based on Israeli data, given in a Twitter post (see details on the data in the link above). As stated in the earlier post, … Continue reading

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SWEDEN All Cause Mortality Update incl. June 2021

Monthly age group mortality timeline, 2015 – June 2021: 2021 cumulative daily age group mortality: Monthly cumulative age group deaths, 2015-2021 : observed vs. expected: Monthly cumulative age group excess deaths, 2015-2021 : Total cumulative monthly observed vs expected age … Continue reading

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COVID Vaccine Efficacy – uncertainty reigns

Do you know the vaccine efficacy numbers cited for COVID vaccines, the ones coming from the pre-release trials…? I’ve seen numbers in the 65-95% ball park, as e.g. in this Lancet article which is IMO better understood by reading this … Continue reading

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Winter viruses and COVID-19 could push NHS to breaking point, warns new report | Imperial News | Imperial College London

WINTER VIRUSES – COVID-19, influenza, and the respiratory virus Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), could push the NHS to breaking point this winter, a new report says. — Read on “Between 15,000 and 60,000 people could die from influenza this … Continue reading

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SWEDEN : COVID Events Feb 2020 – July 11, 2021 (Delta variant now at 40%)

Finally, those interested might want to do a google translate of Folkhälsomyndighetens latest ( July 8:th) report on the prevalence of the dreaded DELTA variant in Sweden

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