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Machine Learning – results

So, I reached the point where my Neural Network , after a couple of thousand training iterations, is capable of correctly identifying and separating different categories of input into their corresponding classes. More specifically, as “targets”, I’ve chosen a number … Continue reading

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The power of Machine Learning

https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/sep/07/new-artificial-intelligence-can-tell-whether-youre-gay-or-straight-from-a-photograph Machine Learning has an amazing ability to detect patterns where mere mortals fail to do so. As always, any technology can be used for good, as well as bad.

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Demographics simulation

There’s some interesting reading about demographics and Global birthrates: as you might have learned from the news, the birthrates in meny advanced (mostly western) countries are declining, in some places to such low levels that should the trend continue, those populations … Continue reading

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