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Why our global civilization will most likely self-terminate, in our lifetime, Part I

All previous civilizations, Maya, Aztecs, Roman, Greek etc. have terminated. But all previous civilizations were local, not global. Now, we live in a fully globalized civilization. That is, when previous civilizations ended, life on the planet could go on, since … Continue reading

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“Vår Beredskap är God”…

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The Global Industrial-Medial-Political Power Complex

Conspiracy Theory or not…? Decide for yourself. Should you be short of time, this 15 min video by J.P. gives you the gist of it, in a very humorous way, but for the real meat, scroll down to the “Monopoly” … Continue reading

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“The Great Reset” – Konspirationsteori eller verklighet ?

[An English version of the documentary can be found at the bottom of this post] “the World will never again return to the Old Normal!” or “Never let a GOOD CRISIS to go to waste!” Dokumentären nedan ger en i … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Crisis – A Summary

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Ukraine, Putin & the Woke West

Lot’s of people in the west consider Putin being a madman, a crazy person, an unintelligent person etc. I don’t think he belongs to any of those categories. Instead, as Konstantin Kisin argues in the very insightful video below, Putin … Continue reading

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The Seneca Effect: The Rise and Fall of Scientism. Do we Need a new Religion?

The Seneca Effect: The Rise and Fall of Scientism. Do we Need a new Religion? — Read on thesenecaeffect.blogspot.com/2021/12/the-rise-and-fall-of-scientism-do-we.html

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Förslaget om covidpass är illa grundat – MED-bloggen

Andelen vaccinerade mot covid-19 i Sverige är förhållandevis stor. Genom egna beslut, utan att staten har vidtagit några inskränkande eller bestraffande åtgärder, har snart ca 85 % av alla från 16 år och uppåt vaccinerat sig dubbelt. Bland alla över … Continue reading

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How gang warfare took over Sweden’s streets | The Spectator

According to a 2018 study by the criminologist Amir Rostami, a majority of those involved in organised crime are either first or second-generation immigrants. Dr Rostami identified 15,000 individuals involved in organised crime – a staggering number for a country … Continue reading

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Nuclear Weapons Are Core to U.S. Foreign policy

The document about a 1958 crisis shows officials eagerly making the case for atomic warfare against China. — Read on theintercept.com/2021/06/01/daniel-ellsberg-china-atomic-nuclear-weapons/ “THE WHOLE IDEA is to kill the bastards,” Gen. Thomas Power, commander of America’s nuclear forces from 1957 to … Continue reading

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