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Val2018 Bayesian Inference – sammanfattning

Nu är ju inte den slutgiltiga rösträkningen klar, men resultatet ur ett statistiskt / matematiskt perspektiv är ändå så stabilt att jag väljer att summera mina resultat redan nu. I graferna nedan har jag använt mig av samtliga opinionsinstituts prognoser … Continue reading

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Antal anmälda våldsbrott i Sverige, 1975-2017

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Antal anmälda sexualbrott i Sverige, 1975 – 2017

Brottsförebyggande Rådet, BRÅ, har nyligen släppt data på brottslighetens utveckling i Sverige. Nedan graf illustrerar datat för sexualbrott (samtliga underkategorier) för åren 1975-2017, mätt i antal anmälda brott per 100.000 invånare.

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Eurostat Statistics part V: hospital beds per capita

[Datasource: Eurostat]

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Homicide by firearms – statistics country by country

I wanted to experiment a bit with a for me previously unknown Python library, “Beautiful Soup”, which is an html and xml parser. So I used the Soup to grab data from a Wikipedia page, and massaged it a bit … Continue reading

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Val 2018 – prognos mha Bayesian Inference

(For my non-swedish readers – sorry, but this article is in swedish, and probably not much of interest to you anyway, being about the upcoming swedish elections. In case you are looking for general info on Bayesian inference, there are … Continue reading

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World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness rankings 2017-2018

http://reports.weforum.org/global-competitiveness-index-2017-2018/competitiveness-rankings/#series=GCI.B.05.01 Interesting statistics on many categories of data regarding the performance of various nations. Includes rankings and trends.

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Machine Learning – results

So, I reached the point where my Neural Network , after a couple of thousand training iterations, is capable of correctly identifying and separating different categories of input into their corresponding classes. More specifically, as “targets”, I’ve chosen a number … Continue reading

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The power of Machine Learning

https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/sep/07/new-artificial-intelligence-can-tell-whether-youre-gay-or-straight-from-a-photograph Machine Learning has an amazing ability to detect patterns where mere mortals fail to do so. As always, any technology can be used for good, as well as bad.

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Demographics simulation

There’s some interesting reading about demographics and Global birthrates: as you might have learned from the news, the birthrates in meny advanced (mostly western) countries are declining, in some places to such low levels that should the trend continue, those populations … Continue reading

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