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Dr. David Ferruci, the father of Watson, left IBM

Dr. David Ferruci, the lead of Watson development, has left IBM to join a hedge fund, to apply artificial intelligence to macroeconomic modeling. I particularly like the below comment by Dr. Ferruci, re. the current “Big Data” buzz: “But in … Continue reading

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Massive UK government IT-program ditches Agile in favor for Waterfall

DWP, UK Department of Work and Pensions, drops Agile for its £2B Universal Credit program. I find it amazing,  amuzing, ironic as well as sad to continuously having to observe our industry’s desperate search for the next silver bullet, regardless … Continue reading

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How to solve traffic jams

A TED-talk with Jonas Eliasson, Director of the Centre for Transport Studies at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology, explaining how traffic congestion problems can be dealt with. See also this post on the same topic.

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The physics of traffic jams

A great article that expains the physics of traffic jams. Whether you are scientifically interested in fluid dynamics, and non-linear dynamic systems, or just in making your daily commute as smooth as it can be, there are lessons to learn … Continue reading

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Absolutely Amazing Robotics and Control Theory!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this demonstration of what intelligent algorithms, control theory and mathematics can make quadrocopters do!

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Leadership when it really matters

General Stanley McChrystal on what he’s learned about leadership

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Cringely’s latest projection – the consequences of “focus on shareholder value”

Robert X Cringely on the consequences of relentless focus on “shareholder value”. The contemporary “business model” of most of today’s large enterprises, regardless domain, is based on relentless “focus on shareholder value” exlusively. And since the time horizon for that … Continue reading

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If Windows were a car…

If Windows were a car… Absolutely hilarious! (unfortunately and sadly, also true for much of commercial software…!) See also this post.

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Today’s banks and finance market play Russian Roulette with *your* head at stake

Excellent article by Joris Luyendijk in Guardian, about the total dysfunctionality of today’s banking and finance industry: “Our banks are not merely out of control, they are beyond control.”  For more on the same theme, see these two posts: End of … Continue reading

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Corporate mail spam, or “why Reply All” should have an interlock

Someone just accidentally happened to send an email to an internal corporate mailing list, with a far broader membership (global!) than was intended. That’s not such a big deal, manure sometimes tends to hit the fan… no real harm done, … Continue reading

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