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Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development

Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development.

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How high is the price for delivering poor customer experience ?

Another absolutely great article, from McorpConsulting,  on the value of great customer experience, and the huge cost of delivering poor customer dito.  Key takeaways: 90% of consument customers are ready to leave a supplier after a single poor customer experience 67% … Continue reading

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Do you think your customers think you care ?

Absolutely great insights on customer service and customer value from Michael Hinshaw.  Bottom line: trust and respect takes a long time to build, but only one broken promise to loose. 

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Social Network Analysis of email traffic (a’ la NSA)

The graph above illustrates my email communications over the past couple of years, some 10000 messages in total. The thickness of the edges indicate the amount of communication between me (who’s sitting as the “shiny bright” node at the right … Continue reading

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The craft, vs the administration of the craft…

For quite some time, I’ve been puzzled about how much energy, focus and attention our software business today places on what I’d call the “administration” of software development, and how little focus, relatively,  there’s on the actual craft of software … Continue reading

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More experiments with social network analysis

The above image illustrates my LinkedIn-network, where I’ve mapped employees or members to their organizations (companies, corporations, NGO’s, clubs etc), that is, each edge illustrates a “belongs-to” or “works-for” relationship. Fairly easy to see that there are two totally dominant … Continue reading

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An army of robot baristas could mean the end of Starbucks as we know it

Personally, I prefer service by a human person (with personality!) asop to being served by a robot or a human automaton… For me, the social interaction in the transaction of buying a cup of coffee is as important as the … Continue reading

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Further exploration into social networks

A bit further experimentation with Gephi, the open source network visualization platform. Again, the image above depicts one of my social networks (same as in this previous post), but this time, I’ve partitioned the graph wrt. the language settings (“locale”) … Continue reading

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The amazing power & value of social networks!

It’s just amazing, the power & potential of social networks…! “You must be kidding…?!”, you say…?  Fair point! I’ve been using several of the common social media’s for quite some time, but for most of the time, I’ve seen them … Continue reading

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Social Network Analysis by visualization

Spent a few hours for fun playing a bit with Gephi, a graphical visualization platform, to examine one of my “social networks”. Just amazing how much info about a network can be gained by visualization, e.g. in the graph above, … Continue reading

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