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So, after the previous post on a seminal Frankenstein company, the question is: are the any non-Frankenstein companies around…? Yes, in my personal experience, as a consumer, there are. Not very many, but a handful, and a couple of them … Continue reading

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Frankenstein companies – do you know any..?

My previous post retold the message from Bruce Kasanoff regarding “Frankenstein Companies”, that is, companies for which customer value solely means how much money you’ll be able to extract from them. Do you have any experience of such companies, and more … Continue reading

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Frankenstein companies

A great piece by Bruce Kasanoff on organisations where client value takes a definitive backseat: Frankenstein companies

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The Five Monkeys Experiment (with a new lesson)

Originally posted on John Stepper:
Consider yourself lucky if you ever get the opportunity to hear Eddie Obeng give a talk. My first introduction to him was a video of his TED talk on “Smart failure for a fast-changing world”.…

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Stop watching us, Big Brother!

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Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development

Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development.

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How high is the price for delivering poor customer experience ?

Another absolutely great article, from McorpConsulting,  on the value of great customer experience, and the huge cost of delivering poor customer dito.  Key takeaways: 90% of consument customers are ready to leave a supplier after a single poor customer experience 67% … Continue reading

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Do you think your customers think you care ?

Absolutely great insights on customer service and customer value from Michael Hinshaw.  Bottom line: trust and respect takes a long time to build, but only one broken promise to loose. 

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Inbred leadership prevents change

We live in a world where change is all over the place.  Furthermore, the rate of change is constantly accelerating, that is, in terms of physics, change is undergoing a positive jerk (should be a familiar notion  to readers of this … Continue reading

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Social Network Analysis of email traffic (a’ la NSA)

The graph above illustrates my email communications over the past couple of years, some 10000 messages in total. The thickness of the edges indicate the amount of communication between me (who’s sitting as the “shiny bright” node at the right … Continue reading

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