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Sveriges självförsörjningsgrad är lika med noll – Jordbruksaktuellt

Sveriges självförsörjningsgrad är lika med noll – Jordbruksaktuellt — Read on Mycket insiktsfull – och därmed högst ovanlig – artikel…!

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The Predicament of the Modern Civilization – Human Nature Combined With a Finite Planet

A great tutorial by Nate Hagens on why our current civilization is facing some serious challenges, and why it’s not only unlikely, but mathematically impossible for humankind to proceed along the current path.

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“Peak Oil” or worse : “Peak Everything” is finally here…?

The book “Limits to Growth“, by Dennis L. Meadows et. al, was published 1972, outlining a story that unless our civilization changed its ways and fundamental principles, the result will be a rather sudden and uncontrollable decline in population and … Continue reading

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Ekonomi 101

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