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Cringely on IBM, once again

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Steve Denning on how modern economics is rooted in “the dumbest idea in the world”

Excellent post by Steve Denning!  Not least the section on “Bad Profits” makes this post worthwhile to read:  ”Whenever a customer feels misled, mistreated, ignored or coerced, then profits from that customer are bad. Bad profits come from unfair or … Continue reading

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Excellent intro to Agile Planning and Project Management

I really liked Mike Cottmeyer’s presentation on Agile Planning and Project Management. [Thank’s to the Prof for the pointer!]

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How to get the best of your team or employees

I’ve already linked several times to this video illustration of Dan Pink’s ideas about what truly motivates human beings: basically, humans, to be motivated, and to truly care about what they are doing, need three factors to be present: * … Continue reading

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The worlds dumbest idea will (unfortunately!) survive yet a number of years

Steve Denning predicts death of shareholder value based economy not before 2020.

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The power of non-verbal communication – body language

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net(Net) on the bleak future for Ginny & IBM

A perspective on IBM and Ginny’s challenges moving forward, from net(Net): “As part of a strategic decision to optimize your information technology agreements, investments, and relationships, consider engaging NET(net) as a strategic partner in your success.” “Prediction is difficult, … Continue reading

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“Data Informed” beats “Data Driven” any day of the week – an example from traffic

A while ago I referred to Beth Kanter’s post on why “Data Informed” decision making is so much better than the “Data Driven” dito touted by the fans and proponents of “Big Data”. Here’s an example on the topic, drawn … Continue reading

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Radical Management presentation by Steve Denning

Here’s an excellent ppt presentation, where Steve Denning gives the background and rationale for why the world must change from traditional to radical management. A few tidbits from the presentation: “tradidional management was deployed as a way to getting semi-skilled … Continue reading

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