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Agile Embedded Software Development

Andrea Tomasini of Agile42 busting some myths.

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Steve Denning on the power shift from producer power to consumer/user power

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Andrea Tomasini on the Agile Organization.  Well worth a read.

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Agile stories, architecture, and religious processes

Very to-the-point views from Charles on process religion.  I’ve always been puzzled why organization pay so much attention to process, and so little to the outcome of a process… The process ‘wars’ of today bear a huge resemblance to the since … Continue reading

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Selling technology to tech savvy customers – how not to do it.

There’ something fundamentally wrong with traditional, established and ‘proven’ sales processes when applied to tech deep & savvy customers. Those sales processes that might have been appropriate and successful in the past, when your customer’s knew significantly less about systems, … Continue reading

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Agile Architecture – perspectives from Philippe Kruchten

Finallly, I found a post on a topic very close to my own heart, that of the notion and role of Architecture in our ever more agile world. With notions such as ‘Just-in-Time-Architecture’ and ‘Architecture-on-Demand’ I can’t help but being … Continue reading

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Culture eats process for breakfast

Another great presentation by Henrik Kniberg, “Culture over Process” , among other things clearly demonstating that the lessons from Dan Pink’s Drive are fundamental for sustained performance, productivity, and adaptability. Culture matters vastly more for outcomes than any process. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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A great summary of what Agile is (and isn’t) by Henrik Kniberg

I just found this pdf, where Henrik Kniberg provides a brilliant summary, in terms of content as well as in terms of presentation, of what Agile is and what it means. And what it isn’t…. (I know we all start to … Continue reading

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Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development

Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development.

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Corporate mass & inertia prevents agility

I spent the previous weekend sailing on a 40ft long and 6 tonnes heavy sail boat. Over the past year I’ve mostly been sailing a much smaller, lighter and significantly faster (23ft 420 kg, 100 sqm downwind sails)  extremely powerful … Continue reading

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