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If you are an Empty Suit….: how can you look @ yourself in the mirror…?

Out of curiosity: A poll targeting all the Empty Suits, i.e. the MBA’s, sales guys, project leaders, managers, and marketing managers etc, all those who ‘govern’ businesses or operations, but without having a clue about those businesses or the customer’s, … Continue reading

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Another example of Empty Suits driving a campaign, with no clue

Another great example of where so called ‘professionals’, albeit without a clue, i.e. Empty Suits, have gained a position to make decisions on topics they have no clue about. Programming is a skill. You have to do your 10000h of … Continue reading

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Siemens lays off 15,000—this is what happens when you put a CFO in charge

No surprises here… Yet another Empty Suit solely focusing on short term shareholder value.

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Making Management as simple as Frisbee

Once again, Steve Denning hits the nail, this time offering a new set of heuristics for modern management in today’s complex – multi dimensional – world! Ping all fans of “Big Data“: you might soon find out that the purely … Continue reading

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Management by checking boxes in a list – a.k.a. Empty Suit Mgmt

My former colleague and friend Fredrik has posted a telling story of how Empty Suit’s go about their work…  The fundamental problem is that these folks who prefer to manage only by checklists do see everything as onedimensional, and refuse … Continue reading

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Lack of application of Complexity Theory in management

An absolutely essential and brilliant article by RIchard Staub in Harvard Business Review, on why organizations have not embraced Complexity as the #1 paradigm for governing their “system”. Reason #1: it’s too complex…! Today’s typical  Empty Suit-managers prefer simplicity, and … Continue reading

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Management Training Selection

Unfortunately not very far from the truth considering the huge amount of Empty Suits out there… 🙂

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The perils of leaning too much on metrics and numbers

The perils of the all too common practice of “management and decision making by numbers“, a favorite practice of the Empty Suits with an MBA,  has been  clearly demonstrated by PhD student Thomas Herndon, who discovered a serious calculation flaw … Continue reading

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Systems thinking

“Anyone who believes in indefinite growth in anything physical, on a physically finite planet, is either mad or an economist.” ― Kenneth E. Boulding

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Anti-agile Business-by-Contracts model bound to fail

In two previous posts ( first, second )  I’ve described the chaotic situation in Northern Stockholm’s public transportation system, after Arriva took over operations January 7th, 2013. Now the leading Swedish bus industry trade magazine, “Bussmagasinet”, has written a “no-BS” editorial about the … Continue reading

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