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Climate Change – Man made or…? Perhaps not…

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Convolutional Neural Networks with KERAS – Image recognition

A quick test shot with KERAS, inspired by this tutorial using the MNIST dataset of more than 60000 images of hand written digits. Task at hand: correctly identify as many as possible of these 28 x 28 images, looking like … Continue reading

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Poor Man’s Betting Shop – Using Baysian Inference to setup your own Betting Shop

Further exploration of Bayesian Inference, applied to the upcoming 2018 Ice Hockey World Championships. This time, I’m trying to understand how the professional betting shops set their odds, and how they make a profit. It took some ‘research’ into the … Continue reading

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First Support for a Physics Theory of Life | Quanta Magazine

Take chemistry, add energy, get life. The first tests of Jeremy England’s provocative origin-of-life hypothesis are in, and they appear to show how order can — Läs på

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What is life ? Probably caused by randomness, energy transfer and the second law of thermodynamics.

I just managed finishing Dan Brown’s latest novel, “Origin”. It’s hard for me to read Dan Brown, since IMO he writes the same book over and over again, albeit in slightly different settings. And his stereotypical main protagonists are to … Continue reading

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NASA aerosol visualization

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Wind,Temperature,Air Pressure statistics

The above graphs show statistics from SMHI, the swedish meteorological and hydrographical institute, on air pressure, temperature and wind speed.  For each categrory, (pressure,temp,wind speed) there are two graphs: the first a frequency chart, the second a Q-Q-chart, showing the … Continue reading

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Improving Python performance by factor of 100

I’m doing a bit of Machine Learning on my spare time. A neural network that analyzes images. Anyways, since I don’t have zillions of computing power, any decent amount of learning data takes hours and days to process thru my … Continue reading

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There’s a bug in my program: The enormous difference between < and <=

I’ve found a bug in my program! A bug, in my program…! And I’m a pro hacker, how shameful…! 🙂 Scary, isn’t it… a simple bug, a single character among the thousands of characters in my program… that single character … Continue reading

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Segregation – technical details

Just a few details to the more technically inclined readers of this blog: The image below has three sections: the leftmost showing the results in terms of where the agents prefer to be, the middle image showing a heatmap over … Continue reading

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