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Navier-Stokes equation: Four mathematicians demonstrate it is impossible to predict where 29.000 rubber ducks in the sea will wash up | USA | EL PAÍS in English

Spanish research has provided insight into the Navier-Stokes equations governing the behavior of fluids — Read on english.elpais.com/usa/2021-05-12/four-mathematicians-demonstrate-it-is-impossible-to-predict-where-rubber-ducks-in-the-sea-will-wash-up.html

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Sailors Ahoy ! – Rope around a bollard – Capstan Equation

Ever tried to hold a rope that is pulled by someone or something, like a sail, a boat or a hanging weight…? If holding a pulling rope is something you’ve done a lot, you’ve surely soon figured out that if … Continue reading

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What is life ? Probably caused by randomness, energy transfer and the second law of thermodynamics.

I just managed finishing Dan Brown’s latest novel, “Origin”. It’s hard for me to read Dan Brown, since IMO he writes the same book over and over again, albeit in slightly different settings. And his stereotypical main protagonists are to … Continue reading

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Some waveforms illustrated by Fast Fourier Transforms

The video shows a number of sound waveforms, some common, some less so, generated by a Python program and the Scipy/Numpy/Matplotlib libraries. As for the input files, the mp3’s: The “domestic” sounds are produced by myself,  the more unusual ones … Continue reading

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