Complexity, Chaos, Organization, Creativity & Innovation: Alan Turing & Benoit Mandelbrot

In this link, there’s a fantastic BBC documentary with Professor Al-Kahlili of University of Surrey, explaining how simple equations and feedback loops lead to the complex and self organizing life forms we are surrended by in our daily lives.

Complex Systems Theory really is the seminal foundation for Agility: self-organization, tight feedback loops, autonomous cooperating actors, simple and very limited set of rules governing the system etc…

It’s also interesting to note the connection to creativity and innovation: if your organization – as is very typical in today’s business organizations – is governed not by simple and few rules with autonomous agents, but by a mass of detailed rules and processes, with totally controlled human automatons operating the business,  then nothing extraordinary – “innovative” or “creative” –  can come out from that system, you will only produce “more of the same”,with lowest possible cost.

For my Swedish speaking readers, this SvD link by Andreas Cervenka offers great insights into the problems of large organizations remaining innovative and creative, with Nokia as the specific example.

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