A great summary of what Agile is (and isn’t) by Henrik Kniberg

I just found this pdf, where Henrik Kniberg provides a brilliant summary, in terms of content as well as in terms of presentation, of what Agile is and what it means. And what it isn’t….

(I know we all start to be tired of hearing the words ‘Agile’ and ‘Lean’ after all these years, unfortunately those notions have to a high degree been highjacked by the corporate MBA’s,  but still, IMO, the above summary is very worthwhile a read.)

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1 Response to A great summary of what Agile is (and isn’t) by Henrik Kniberg

  1. tevirselrahc says:

    Very interesting presentation. Thanks for pointing it out! It is often good to go back to first principles and to remind ourselves of the full manifesto.
    And yes, Agile and Lean are very much in use. And the problem is that they are often nothing more than words, especially the higher you go within an enterprise!
    One also has to remember that agile is not yet much adopted in some in industries (e.g., some systems industries) or disciplines (e.g., product development) – there is still work to be done!

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