Agile Architecture – perspectives from Philippe Kruchten

Finallly, I found a post on a topic very close to my own heart, that of the notion and role of Architecture in our ever more agile world. With notions such as ‘Just-in-Time-Architecture’ and ‘Architecture-on-Demand’ I can’t help but being concerned about the state of contemporary ‘best practices’, and Philippe’s text seems to support those concerns.

I’ve been worried  for quite some time about the seemingly ever decreasing focus on architecture as development organizations become agile, the main concern being that these new agiligists face a clear risk of inadvertently building a huge technical debt into their systems, because not enough attention is given to all the numerous aspects of architecture, over and above functionality and user friendliness.

Now, a person who posesses vast knowledge and experience of real architectural work, (in addition to being an ace designer and coder!) in some very complex domains, such as ATC, Aerospace & Defence, my former colleague and mentor Philippe Kruchten, has written a post on this topic I wish I’d been capable of writing:

I recommend a careful study of what Philippe writes.

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