SWEDEN All Cause Mortality Update incl. June 2021

Monthly age group mortality timeline, 2015 – June 2021:

2021 cumulative daily age group mortality:

Monthly cumulative age group deaths, 2015-2021 : observed vs. expected:

Monthly cumulative age group excess deaths, 2015-2021 :

Total cumulative monthly observed vs expected age group deaths:

Monthly age group Excess deaths:

Cumulative monthly age group Excess Deaths:

Cumulative monthly total Excess Deaths:

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2 Responses to SWEDEN All Cause Mortality Update incl. June 2021

  1. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    Still trying to make sense of the 65-79 y/o, but I haven’t even come up with a hypothesis.


    • Yes, it is Interesting that the 65-79 do not follow the pattern of the other groups. However, it is important to note that the group is well within range of normal deaths, the weird thing is that all the other groups are so exceptionally low. But why that is the case, beats me… could be many causes, eg vaccine schedule, changes in behavioral patterns, dry tinder effects,…

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