US: Reported Vaccine Deaths 1990-2021

Data from

For context and details, watch the DarkHorse Podcast video below (painful watching, in several ways, but try to make the effort – you will learn something important…).

Notice something quite remarkable in the graph above….?

The interested reader can find Steve Kirsch’ paper on Covid vaccine adverse outcomes here

And here stats on nr of doses of flu vaccine given in US over the past few years. A lot of vaccine, apparently….

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4 Responses to US: Reported Vaccine Deaths 1990-2021

  1. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    Great podcast! The VAERS data, while disturbing on its own, likely doesn’t paint anywhere near an accurate picture for multiple reasons, and not least of all because of the strength of the existing C-19 narrative.

  2. ZF says:

    As alway, great information. Now I’m just wondering how to reconcile this podcast discussion about seriousness of C-19 (and the need for unsuppressed usage of treatments that are shown effective already), with the Swedish data that shows mortality rate is normal any way you look at it.

    One hypothesis: we’ve always underutilized treatments for common respiratory illness.

    How do you see it?

    • The refusal by the authorities to even look at other treatments than vaccine is IMO the crime of the century. The censorship regarding any discussion on alternative treatments is even worse. I sincerely hope (but dont believe) that heads will roll when the fog eventually (hopefully) clears.

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