Making Management as simple as Frisbee

Once again, Steve Denning hits the nail, this time offering a new set of heuristics for modern management in today’s complex – multi dimensional – world!

Ping all fans of “Big Data“: you might soon find out that the purely analythic approach, and the reductionistic view for making sense of our complex world will not do, regardless the amount of data available – you will face the risk of running into “analysis paralysis” while pouring over all that data…

Our complex world demands a more synthetic approach, where “gut feel” and heuristics are at least as important than raw data and formal analysis.  The problem with this latter approach, of course, is that it will demand true knowledge and experience of the business at hand – it will be very hard for Empty Suits to survive in such an environment where few aspects of the business can be codified into a stringent process description written in stone.

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High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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