Agile here, agile there, agile everywhere…

For an old grumpy man like me, who’s been around long enough to experience that there’s really not much really new under the sun, only re-brandings and new buzz words in an attempt to appear fresh and innovative, it’s quite amuzing to experience all the contemporarary rave regarding “Agile” (just to name one of all the new “cults”).

As we speak (or more correctly, as I write), the followers of the Agile movement are on their annual pilgrimage to their “Mecca”, this year located in Nashville -watch out boys when the banjo music starts! 🙂 to attend “Agile 2013”, the conference.

Agile started as a grass roots movement, invented by developers, for developers of software, but today everybody and his mother claims being agile: we have books for agile testing, agile management, agile leadership, agile design, agile architecture, agile for dummies, agile for large organizations, etc etc. Now im just waiting for the world outside of systems and software development to catch up on this voque-think about the next Jamie Oliver presenting agile cooking, or the next Ben Bernake raving about agile fiscal policy, or the next US president about agile surveillance…!
At that point, we can conclude that agile has really reached mainstream! 🙂

Similar cults have come and gone many times in my 25+ years in the high tech industry, below just a few off the top of my head:
– Ada vs C++
-Structured programming/design
– Use Cases
– Unified Process
– software engineering
– e-business
– smart planet
– big data

The list could be made arbitrarily long, but you get the point….

All of these were – some still are – fads that eventually fade away to the less exiting world of commodity… And then something “new” will catch the attention of the masses….

My insider tip for the “next big thing” in our industry is:
“Fragile subject oriented virtual development”… 🙂

About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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