How to get the best of your team or employees

I’ve already linked several times to this video illustration of Dan Pink’s ideas about what truly motivates human beings: basically, humans, to be motivated, and to truly care about what they are doing, need three factors to be present:

* Purpose
* Autonomy
* Mastery

As those of you following this blog know, I’m currently spending my time off from “the big IT-company”, i.e. my summer holidays, not on the beach,nor visiting interesting places abroad, nor out sailing, but driving around tourists in a coach in Stockholm, i.e I’m currently a professional tourist coach driver, full time.

I get a lot of questions, from my friends, colleagues, but also from my “coach guests” on “why“, why am I spending my hard earned vacation days working in a minimum pay job – yes, driving bus in Sweden is a minimum wage job – instead of enjoying the well deserved break from my hard work in the IT and Telecom business…

The answer is very simple: it’s a very long time since I’ve felt so good about work, in fact, about my life in general!

Driving around with tourists, in one of the world’s most beatiful cities (summertime!) for a company where focus on “shareholder value” comes far down the list of business priorities, but where focus is fully on “delighting your customer“, constantly emphasised by the company CEO as well as everybody in any management or operational role, is simply soooo rewarding and motivating!

There is a clear purpose (“Delight your customer!”), there’s a high degree of autonomy (I get to make more decisions and immediately see the business outcomes of those decisions every day driving bus than I get to see in a quarter in my normal job), and there is an extremely high level of mastery required to drive a 14m long and 25 ton heavy coach in the narrow and packed streets of Stockholm inner city.

Furthermore, within the bus company I work for, there is a very refreshing lack of any red tape and heavy bureaucratic processes; nor does there exist a  top heavy organizational structure-we simply cant afford to keep hoardes of “VP’s”, “Directors”, nor “Operational Managers” or any other non-revenue-bringing empty suits around! Even the CEO is sometimes out driving!

So, in summary, driving tourist coach allows me to truly live the message of Dan Pink’s Drive!


About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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