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Sweden : Age adjusted deaths 2000-2020

Population demographics have a significant impact on the number of deaths in a society. Among the many demographic factors that impact number of deaths is age. Other confounding factors (which will not be dealt with in this post) include general … Continue reading

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Gender Bias – but not the way you’d think : Simpson’s Paradox strikes again!

I’ve previously touched upon Simpson’s Paradox and the (for statisticians!) famous example fromUniversity of California Berkeley, where it indeed looked like that the admission board favored men over women: while 44% of male applicants got admitted, only 35% of the … Continue reading

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Deeper look into Simpson’s Paradox – be very careful with averages!

A while ago, I did a quick post on Simpson’s Paradox, in context of Corona and R0-values. Here we are going to look a bit deeper into the paradox. Why ? Because it has some very important implications in any … Continue reading

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