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Improving Python performance by factor of 100

I’m doing a bit of Machine Learning on my spare time. A neural network that analyzes images. Anyways, since I don’t have zillions of computing power, any decent amount of learning data takes hours and days to process thru my … Continue reading

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Optimization: 100x performance boost (even without DevOps!) :-)

(First of all, apologies for the mention of ‘DevOps’ above:this post has, as far as I can tell – since I really don’t know what DevOps is, haven’t found any place where to download it… – nothing what so ever … Continue reading

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Algorithm analysis – Big O notation

Continuing from my previous post on performance analysis of algoritms, I decided to plot the CPU-time over the size of the problem, that is, the number of cells. The two graphs above, both plotted ‘log-log’, demonstrate a straight line.  A straight … Continue reading

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Single simulation run consuming 230 h (!) of cpu-time – root cause analysis of performance

I think I’ve broken some kind of record of CPU-time consumption for a single simulation run… for a fairly trivial application… As my frequent readers know, I’ve been playing lately with a simulation of Shelling’s segration model (see previous posts … Continue reading

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